You can't instal Baale on Olugbon's land, monarch tells Soun

CHIEF Nathaniel Oyebanji Ajibola, the Baale of Gambari in Surulere North LCDA, Orilegbon in Oyo State, has frowned at the step taken by HRH, Oba Jimoh Oladunni Oyewumi, Ajagungbade III, Soun of Ogbomoso for installing a Hausa man as Baale in Gambari which is outside the Soun's domain.

Addressing a group of journalists in his palace at Gambari recently, Baale Ajibola described the action of Soun as laughable, saying Hausa Arewa is not entitled to take Baale title in Yorubaland.

What operates elsewhere when title are conferred on them is that they either give them Seriki, Angua or Mogaji titles.

Such has never happened in Yorubaland before.

He therefore sent a word to the man called Sulaimon Kadir, installed as the Baale of Gambari to move out of Gambari land for Ogbomoso where he was installed because Ogbomoso North, the domain of Soun is quite different from Surulere LCDA; saying Gambari land is being controlled by the Olugbon of Orile-Igbon and not by Soun.

Speaking while reacting to a report on page 3 of the December 2017 edition of Heritage Newspaper which carried a report of an Arewa man installed in Gambari town as Baale.

Chief Oyebanji Ajibola, the Baale of Gambari, said the Soun's action left much to be desired especially when such step was taken by an eminent Oba in Yorubaland who everybody holds in high esteem.

Speaking further on the matter, Baale Ajibola said Olugbon's land extended to River Kinira.

According to the court ruling, the boundary is now at Aroje town; that is where Olugbon's land starts, just at the Baptist Cemetery at Aroje.

Olugbon shares a boundary with Ote in Kwara State. So one wonders how Soun of Ogbomoso could extend his land to Surulere because the Oyo State government which created new Local Governments marked out boundaries conspicuously.

Speaking further in defence of his right, Chief Ajibola explained that Soun is the chairman of Ogbomoso Traditional Council, Ogbomoso North, whereas Olugbon and Aresaadu are the chairmen, Surulere Traditional Council with headquarters at Iresaadu.

Onpetu-Ijeru, according to him, is the chairman of Ogbomoso South Traditional Council while Alajawa is in charge of Ogo-Oluwa Local Government Traditional Council and Onikoyi takes charge of Oriire Traditional Council.

So Kabiyesi Soun, who I hold in high esteem, has no legal right to instal a Baale on Olugbon's land.

This can't be so since this Sulaimon Kadir is not even a Yoruba. I'm so sorry about this action taken by Soun who is even my father.

I don't expect such from somebody who is expected to set standard in Yorubaland for other Obas to follow.

Even Alaafin of Oyo, Iku Baba Yeye regarded as a father to all Obas in Yoruba land, has never installed any Oba or Baale outside his domain. So how can Oba Oyewumi installed an Arewa man as Baale on Olugbon's land.

If he had called him (the Arewa) Seriki or Mogaji, that could have been understood.

The court had ruled over this matter before when it removed the father of Sulaimon Kadir.

Baale Ajibola gave kudos to the late Oba Samuel Adegboyega Osunbade, Adeyelu II, Olugbon of Orile-Igbon who installed Baale of Gambari.  He also praised the late monarch for bringing rapid development to Gambari town and for being behind the Ajilete FM Radio Station in Gambari.

According to Chief Ajibola, he said he came on board as Baale of Gambari on March 1, 2003, having been installed by Oba Adegboyega Osunbade.

“I am a duly recognized Baale by Surulere LCDA and I'm on the council's pay roll.  Let's ask if Sulaimon Kadir is recognized by relevant authorities or whether is on government's pay roll.  So why is he parading himself as Baale of Gambari, he queried?

If I get another opportunity, gentlemen of the press, I will still speak further on this issue; he explained during the press briefing.


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